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password cracking

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:43 am

To be a real good cracker you need a couple things. You must know how to work with stress cause in the beginning it’s always difficult to crack.
You need a Good Wordlist (don't use big wordlist about 20000 for beginners is good) You need Good Proxies (This is A Must) You need a Broadband connection (this is not required but it saves you time if you have a good connection)

Well, let’s start cracking!

Step 1:

> Download Access driver

Step 2:

Get a good wordlist and proxy list

Step 3:

Run Access Diver and change all the listed settings below. Be sure to read carefully and not to skip any steps because otherwise you will not get any results. ***

Access diver Setting Guide NB: The menus will be given in the form: Tab/SubTab, i.e.: Dictionary/Currently Used.

1. Go to the My Skill menu and set it to Expert.

2. Go to Proxy/MY LIST

Put a checkmark beside:
- Rotate proxies 1 logins before swapping
- Proxy skipping: Change proxy on errors (4xx/5xx)
- Proxy error handling: Don’t use the proxy after it has been skipped,
Continue to use timed out proxies

Change the Reactivation dropdown box to show "Don’t reactivate proxies (=stop process)"

Then, click the "Load Proxy button" (2nd button on the far right), and load the proxy list that you downloaded from the channel.

3. go to Settings/Access

Put a checkmark beside:
- Let a bot retry once again on abnormal replies (4xx/5xx)
- Always force a security test to begin
- Never stop - Continue until the end

Change the redirection replies mean? Dropdown box to show "I assume they're FAKE replies"
Change the bot max time out to 30 seconds.

4. Go to Dictionary/Currently Used

Click "Load a combo file" and select the wordlist that you downloaded from the channel.

5. You're ready to crack!

Put the URL to the member's entrance at the top where it says "Server", set the Test speed bots to 30 to start at, and click the Standard button (the lightning bolt).

Now, just wait for the program to finish its work! To see how the cracking is going, select the "Progression tab"
Be sure to start with an easy site like-

h**p://www.fuc|< [It’s just an example!]

Just to make sure that your Access Diver is set up correctly


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