creating server to hack

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creating server to hack

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i am here taking turkojan 4 you have to create server and set this server to your friend and its done you can control his computer follow the instruction to create a server
Creating a server in rat (turkojan4)
To create a server first we have to download turkojan 4
You can download this tutorial from here
Then deactivate your antivirus if any and install the turkojan 4 in your computer
Set your language l use English so made it English

Then go to editor a window will be open named server editor then you have to create a server .you
have to give your information in it.
First option will be your ip so you have to set your ip first
First of all you need to see if you have a static ip or a dynamic ip now what is a static ip and a dynamic ip
Dynamic IP
Dynamic IP: A dynamic IP address changes each time you connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
This allows ISPs to keep a pool of addresses available to subscribers. If you disconnect from the ISP, your
address is returned to the pool, becoming available to the next computer that connects.
Static ip
Static IP: A static IP address is fixed, much like a telephone number. If your ISP gives you a static address,
you will always use the same address. Servers usually have static addresses, so they can always be found
at the same location.
If you are having static ip set the ip


If you are having Dynamic IP then go to and create an account in it. Add your dnsip in it will
be something like this
Now you have to find your port no. For that go to
Then click “port forward by guide “click that find your router follow the guide and replace the port no
15963 with new no they given to you
Now you can save it your server is ready to use.
To make your server less detectable you can change running mode invisible.

you can also give some error message,or anything you want


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