find ip address of your friends computer

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find ip address of your friends computer

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:54 am

Here is step by step tutorial which will show you how to create simple ip address finder. How it works? To find out IP address of your friend’s computer, you’ll need to send him link, when he or she click on link,he will be redirected to some website and ip addresses from his computer will be stored to text file. It is something like fake link , which will give you ip addresses. So , let’s begin

1) Download this zip file, and extract it to your computer. It is php script which represents our Ip finder. 2)When you downloaded file from step one, you’ll see phpscript.php and friend_ip.txt . These files you’ll need to upload to server.
Go to this free hosting site and create your account. 3) Login to your account and go file manager 4) Here upload phpscript.php and friend_ip.txt , click upload files

5)Right click on phpscript.php and and copy link location

Link looks like this http://youdomainname/phpscript.php Send link to your friend and when he click it, his ip address will bi written to text.txt , so open friend_ip.txt file you will find friend’s ip addresss


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