bypass login in website

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bypass login in website

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:56 am

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Note this only works on websitez which allow "searching" bots to looking @
So sometimes u r to lazy to login or u forget password and u quick need some information.

So good way is faking UA <- User Agent

Lets consider an example of firefox:-

Type in URL bar following:


then u should see alot of options which can be changed

1cm down u will see "Filter:"

Type in box

"useragent" without quotes

We need to change just


Deafult is Firefox x.x.x or something like that^^

So how to bypass login on that websites?

just double click & type in that field


So websites will think u r google bot and allow u searching on website without login

Thats also good way if u want ur useragent stay hidden


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