remove warning messages from explorer

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remove warning messages from explorer

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Whenever your browser views secure web pages it usually displays a lock or a key telling the viewer the data shown on this particular web page is secure and safe. In order for the page to be considered safe, ALL the data including images, pages, and more need to be on the secured site. However, sometimes when exiting a secured web page, the exit page will load some items from a part of the site that wasn't secured. In this case, a warning message telling you the "page contains both secure and non secure items" is displayed to warn the user.

This warning message is a nice verification that you are leaving a secured site. However, sometimes the message can be just plain annoying, especially if you are visiting the particular web page frequently.

Gmail is a perfect example, when you exit Gmail the above warning message is displayed. Many times, even when you open individual messages in Gmail the warning will appear. Although it’s a bit of a security risk, since you won't be notified about the switch from secure to no secure pages, follow the instructions below if you would like to remove this warning message.

1) Open Internet Explorer

2) Click on Tools

3) Click on Internet Options

4) Click on the Security Tab

5) Click on the Custom Level button

6) Under the Miscellaneous section look for "Display Mixed Content"

7) Click on Disable for Display Mixed Content instead of Prompt

Cool Click on OK twice

9) Close Internet Explorer and reopen

10) Open the webpage that was displaying the warning message,the message should not appear now.


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