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1. Find a list of free proxies. You can get the list of proxy sites from my previous post ip address or you can search Google

2. Now choose an IP and PORT from the list. In this tutorial I have chosen IP: and port: 8080. You can choose whatever you like.

3. Open Firefox and in the menu choose Tools and then Options

This will open the Firefox options window. Click the Advance options.

4. Click on Network tab and the click Settings button under Connection.

5. In Connection Settings window, click Manual proxy configuration. Now enter the IP address in HTTP Proxy and Port address in Port. ( In this example HTTP Proxy address is and Port is 8080).
Also check the box 'Use this proxy server for all protocols'.

Click ok and your IP is set to desired Proxy.

You can use any online service to check your IP. you can see your IP in the sidebar of this site


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